Carl Friedrich von Siemens

1872 Berlin (Germany) – 1941 Heinenhof (Germany)
Country: Germany

Carl Siemens follows in the footsteps of his ingenious father at the age of just 27. After the premature death of his elder brothers, he is the sole heir to the international company which Werner von Siemens founded with Georg Halske as a company specialised in communications and energy technology: future-oriented sectors that Carl was to expand worldwide.

He studied engineering and natural sciences and went on to manage a branch office of the Siemens concern in London. Having returned to Germany, he sits on the Management Board of one of the two Siemens parent plants. Siemens also holds progressive political views: from 1920, he is a member of parliament for the left-wing, liberal German Democratic Party and introduces fair working conditions at his company.

In 1926, the Kaiser Wilhelm Society appoints him as a Senator. He often takes part in official engagements and celebratory events at Harnack House. In contrast to many industrialists, Siemens distances himself from the Nazi regime from 1933 and stands down from various positions, including as a member of the Supervisory Board of Albert Vögler’s "Vereinigte Stahlwerke".

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