Arrival to the Harnack House

  • If you arrive with your own car, parking spaces are available in front of and behind the house. Five parking spaces are barrier-free. The conference center will gladly make a reservation for special reasons.

  • Buses can also park directly in front of the house.

  • If you are using public transportation, there is a subway station in the immediate vicinity. The Freie Universität/Thielplatz stop has a barrier-free exit in the middle of the platform with an elevator.

Entrance door to Harnack House

The entrance door is barrier-free, with automatic door.

The following meeting rooms are accessible by barrier-free elevators:

The following meeting rooms are accessible by stair lift:

The following meeting rooms are not barrier-free accessible:

When occupying the conference rooms, special requests can be coordinated with the Harnack House.


For larger meetings with impaired persons, the Hahn lecture hall, the Meitner hall and the Goethe hall are particularly suitable. The rooms are accessible barrier-free.

Goethe and Meitner Halls can be seated either with or without a table. The Hahn lecture hall has fixed seating consisting of a folding seat and writing desk. All rooms have been approved for fire protection in their seating variants.


There are several elevators in the Harnack House that conveniently connect the different levels.

Accessible rooms

One room each in the Harnack House and in the adjacent building are barrier-free including the turning circles according to the standards. If the organizer is aware or informed, persons with disabilities will of course be accommodated preferentially in the Harnack House itself. In case of necessary accommodation in nearby partner hotels, shuttle services suitable for disabled persons can be organized.


Accessible restrooms are available in the Harnack House at two central locations, near the Einstein Lounge and next to the checkroom of the Hahn Lecture Hall. In the annex you will find the accessible toilet opposite the playroom in the entrance foyer.


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