Conference technology

Conference technology

Video conferences, simultaneous translation, Twitter wall, live streaming, high-end audio / video technology and sophisticated event lighting - with optimal spatial and technical conditions and diverse design options, the Harnack House offers the best conditions for a successful conference. The creativity, reliability and perfection of our media technicians help you to concentrate fully on the content of your event.


Video conferencing, hybrid events, live streaming and green screen studio
Welcome to the age of technological progress!

Video conferencing With the aid of video conferences participants can interact via picture and sound transmission. Hosts can facilitate interactively even in absentia, and further guests can take part in the discussions online. We provide a customized video conference package for any individual requirement.  Live streaming Live streams are just the appropriate option when it comes to hosting a high number of guests. So hundreds of guests from all over the world can take part in a function at Harnackhaus . In comparison to video conferences you reach a better transmission quality regarding image and sound, and the participants on screen even need a way smaller band width of their internet connection. Virtual tools – such as chat or voting tools – supplement the virtual frame with the matching interactive components. Guests can get access to the live streams via social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. As an alternative to that we can provide an individually branded and customized landing page. Green screen technology Green screens enable the customer to upgrade events like live streaming or video conferences with any background. Create your own studio atmosphere. You want to broadcast from in front of a research base in the polar sea or directly from the weather station? The sky’s the limit!

Audio technology – we make you audible!

High end microphones and their correspondent speakers make your guests get heard at an appropriate volume. For the purposes of an excellent sound experience we, too, implement sound and vision coming from video conferences. Optional add-ons
  • Digital array speaker systems
  • Hand-held microphones, gooseneck microphones, throwable microphones by catchbox
  • Head-sets and clip-on microphones
  • Discussion equipment
  • Live recording
  • In-ear monitoring
  • Insonation outdoors

Interpreting – we speak your language!

Thanks to our great experience in events of international audiences the Harnack-Haus is your reliable and qualified partner when it comes to interpreting and simultaneous translation. Optional add-ons
  • Interpreters‘ booths
  • Simultaneous translation technology for interpreters
  • Guidance systems

Video and projection technology – the big screen is waiting for you!

We display your content in an optimal way – large or small, indoors or outdoors, on display, screen or LED video wall, via wireless transition systems. Just as you wish! Optional add-ons
  • Full HD projections in every conference room
  • Displays and preview monitors
  • Video transmission to rooms close-by on behalf of an increase of participants
  • Video recording of your event

Presentation technology / presentation equipment – just the right accessories for every group work!

Customized room equipment  for every lecturer:
  • Bulletin boards
  • Flip charts
  • Whiteboards
  • Presentation kits
  • Chalkboard
  • Overhead projector

Lighting technology – we put your event in its true light!

Visual effects are guarantors of lasting impressions. The options are numerous:
  • Ambience lights for a pleasant atmosphere
  • Lighting for stages, committee tables, podia and speaker’s desks
  • Illumination of live streaming, video recordings and video conferences
  • Conventional illumination
  • Effect lighting
  • Illumination of stages and vegetation outdoors

Stages – we will put you on the next level!

We provide an individually customized stage for every event!
  • Pedestal building
  • Various versions of open air stages
  • Pavilions
  • Buffet roofing
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