Meitner Hall

Area: 277 sqm
Height: 4,76 m

The flexible space division of the Meitner Hall offers the best conditions to organize your events according to your individual requirements. Thus the separate conference area for up to 110 people enables by the opening of the room with involvement of the foyer a seating with up to 169 seats. The hardwood floors and the high-class wall design give the room a prestigious ambience for conferences, banquets and balls.

Meitner Hall 1 + 2

Theatre seating: 169 Pers.

Classroom seating: 112 Pers.

Conference seating: 60 Pers.

U-shape seating: 50 Pers.

Meitner Hall 1 (separated)

Theatre seating: 110 Pers.

Classroom seating: 68 Pers.

Conference seating: 40 Pers.

U-shape seating: 38 Pers.

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