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Richard Goldschmidt

1878 Frankfurt/Main (Germany) – 1958 Berkeley, California (USA)
Biologist, geneticist
Countries: Germany, USA
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Richard Goldschmidt

Among the researchers in Dahlem, Goldschmidt is one of the most widely travelled. Thanks to a one year fellowship, he embarks upon a study trip around the world in 1914. He firstly travels to Japan. In summer 1914, he is left stranded in the USA as the First World War has now broken out and Goldschmidt’s route home is blocked. The researcher nevertheless makes the best of the situation: His colleague Ross Harrison offers Goldschmidt a position at his laboratory at Yale University. After his return to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology in Dahlem in 1919, Goldschmidt returns the favour. Besides Harrison, he receives colleagues from India, Japan, Finland, Switzerland and the US as guests who reside at the nearby Harnack House.

In 1935, Goldschmidt, who is Jewish, leaves Germany for good. His international contacts enable him to regain a foothold in the USA and he becomes professor of genetics at Berkeley. Despite the fact that his relationship with Germany remains shattered, he accepts the nomination as an External Scientific Member of the Max Planck Society in 1948.

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