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Friedrich Glum

1891 Hamburg (Germany) – 1974 Munich (Germany)
Lawyer, economist, science manager
Country: Germany
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Glum is Secretary General of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society. He presses ahead with the construction of Harnack House from 1926. The time is favourable for private donations, and, like other countries leading the way, Glum also makes an appeal to the business community. He collects 500,000 Reichsmarks for the interior furnishings by 1927. He then proposes the innovative idea of sponsorship of rooms in return for donations, which raises another 400,000 Reichsmarks.

With his sophisticated manner, the first full-time Secretary General with an official villa and top salary relieves President Adolf von Harnack of many official duties. A modern research organisation with a governing body structure emerges within a few years. Glum creates a strong corporate identity through targeted membership promotion and public relations work. Politically, he supports the alignment of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society to the new situation after 1933. The Nazis nevertheless still regard him as unpredictable, which is why he loses his position in 1937. From 1945, he champions German-US relations and also works in Lucius Clay’s advisory group for the US military government in Germany during this period.

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