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Julius Moses

1868 Poznan (today: Poland) – 1942 Theresienstadt (today: Czech Republic)
Doctor, politician
Country: Germany
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Julius Moses

Confession of faith: Jewish, enters the physician and member of parliament Julius Moses in the Reichstag’s handbook. His medical practice is located in the workers’ district. As a health policy spokesman for the Social Democrats in the Reichstag, he is used to causing a stir with his progressive views. In 1913, he triggers the debate over the proletarian refusal to not bear children. He calls for sexual hygiene, sex education and birth control. Women are nevertheless soon excluded from his popular sex education evenings.

He fights the growing wave of anti-Semitism, warns against experimentation on humans and campaigns for an independent ministry of health. He raises awareness of the poor health conditions of proletarian families in his journals and takes on the conservative medical profession. He is renowned for his sense of humour and sharp wit. He fights many battles in the Reichstag from 1920 to 1933. In January 1933, he is invited to one of Max Planck’s dinners at Harnack House before being professionally disqualified by the Nazis. He dies in 1942 aged 74 in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

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