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Theme Tour 2017

Female Pioneers of Science. Women of the Dahlem Campus

Elisabeth Schiemann Zoom Image
Elisabeth Schiemann

Around the year 1900, women began to conquer their place in the world of science, which had been maledominated for centuries. In Dahlem, at the Institutes of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, they found surprisingly good conditions for their ambitions. The tour leads to these legendary places of research and shows what was needed for women to find their place in the science system, casting a glance at destinies and careers. Whereas chemist Clara Immerwahr, who committed suicide in 1915, still could not assert herself against traditional role expectations,
Lise Meitner made history in science as a pioneer of nuclear physics.

Dates: On request for groups for 25 people max.
Meeting point: Harnack House, Ihnestraße 16-20, 14195 Berlin
Duration: 90 minutes
Contribution: € 140 fee (20% for cooperating institutions)

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